Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wives of Colleagues

The company dinner was going well. Everyone was getting along so well. Sobia and Afshan, wives of two of the company’s employees, small talk consisted of the normal banter until it got to the two young wives.

“Oh my gosh, I just had a baby, too.” Afshan said, dressed in her white chiffon saree with sparkling silver starlets on it, very low cut white blouse showing off her ample breasts, blessed by pregnancy. Her black hair flowing down to her exposed shoulder blades, and sky blue eyes perfectly matching her fair complexion.

“You look great! I can’t believe you just had a baby.” Sobia said. She was dressed in an off white silk saree with a burgundy colored blouse which showed her well endowed breasts and the slightly darker skin than Afshan’s. Brown curly hair just below her neck.
They exchanged compliments and continued the dinner. After the awards were given out boys headed out for some cigarette leaving the ladies to chat.

Afshan said “It’s really a change for me. I’m not used to being a mom, but it’s nice to get out of the house. I haven’t felt very womanly these last months. First I felt like a blimp and now I feel like a mom, but not a woman.”
Sobia agreed, “it is hard. We’re both in are early 20’s and I don’t know about you, but Noman and I used to do some really wild freaky things…until I got pregnant, then he seems to want to think of me like a mom and not a women.

Afshan nodded and said” We used to do some really racy things ourselves. I don’t know what it is with our husbands.”

The guys came back smelling of cigarette smoke. Afshan asked her husband to grab the camera and take a picture of her new friend. Her husband shrugged and got the camera and was about to take the picture when Afshan grabbed Sobia by the arm and said” Let’s stand for the picture.”

Sobia shrugged and got up. Afshan put her arm around Sobia and pressed herself close to her bringing their ample breasts politely pressed side by side. Hips where touching and they were very close in height and size in almost every respect. The guys made a cat call as to how sexy they both looked and both girls blushed. The first picture was taken. Her husband was about to take the camera and put it down when Afshan insisted on one more. This time she turned to face Sobia, pulled her so that they where cheek to cheek and firmly pressed her breasts against Sobia’s.

Just as the picture was about to be taken Afshan smiled and whispered to Sobia “ you’re not wearing a bra, are you?” Sobia paused and responded “obviously your nipples are being pinned by mine, so you should know.” And she pressed a little harder into Afshan causing both to stumble a bit until they regained their balance.
Just as the flash went off Afshan let her left hand slide down Sobia’s back and lightly glance off her ass. Sobia had not shown any signs of noticing this until the girls were about to separate and Sobia’s hand “accidentally” slid down Afshan’s back and squeezed Afshan’s well rounded and perky bottom.
They exchanged knowing glances and began to smile at each other.

The evening continued on and the party center was about to close and the guys wanted to hit the café when Afshan pointed out “our baby is at her grandmothers, why don’t you two just come on over to our place.”

At Afshan’s house stories of the “pre-mom years” began to surface and stories of the guys exploits where soon bubbling with every sip of coffee. Then Sobia put the bug in her husband’s ear about how she used to wrestle other girls and get into catfights.

Afshan and her husband paused, looked at each other before Afshan confided “we did the same thing.” Both guys stopped dead in their tracks. Both girls looked at each other and smiled. Afshan was the first to get up looked at her husband, and proceeded to take off her shoes, ear rings and then her saree. Standing buck naked in front of the other three she pulled Sobia up and said “Are you up to a MILF match?”
Sobia just smiled, looked to her husband for approval (duh), and matched Afshan in nakedness. Neither had been wearing bras or panties that evening.

Both young twenty something new moms came together and lightly pressed their large c cupped breasts together with Afshan’s slightly larger areola was quickly pressed against Sobia’s with Afshan’s nipples being slightly smaller but rock hard.

They began kissing. Stopped to make sure the boys didn’t mind (duh, again) and began caressing each other’s backs and lightly and gently reached up and began playing with each others hair.

This went on for about 30 seconds until Sobia rapped her manicured fingers around Afshan’s long blonde tresses and began to pull. Afshan let out a little moan and grabbed red curly hair and pulled back.

Both girls began pulling harder while pressed together, dancing slowly around the living room floor. Moans turned into grunts and squeals of pain. Afshan upped the ante and released one hand reached down to Sobia’s ass and grabbed her left cheek and began to squeeze.

“I love your ass.” Afshan said in a coy voice gasping in between hair pulling pangs of pain. Sobia released one of her hands, replied “thanks, I work out and I love your tits.” She then grabbed one of Afshan’s tits.

Afshan let out a high squeal and gasped “I’m breast feeding, God does that hurt.” She quickly took her hand off of Sobia’s ass and grabbed one of Sobia’s breasts. Afshan looked at her and from the look on Sobia’s face she could tell that they were both nursing.

Sobia brought her hands and began to wrestle with Afshan’s to get her breast released and they ended in a test of strength struggle with interlocked fingers.

Now the girls where aggressively pushing and pulling each other around the room. Afshan seamed slightly stronger in the legs and managed to push Sobia back into the wall and in a push managed to slam her breasts into Sobia’s.

She did this 4 times causing the air to be knocked out of both of them. On the fifth she began to try to press Sobia into the wall pressing their stomachs together.

Sobia, struggling for breath, looked at the floor and then stated to Afshan “you just made a milk stain on the floor.” Afshan equally out of breath from trying to press her body into Sobia’s asked “Yours or mine?”
Sobia giggled “both of ours, I think.” And fought her hands free, grabbed Afshan around the waist and with a primal scream swung her adversary causing both of them to tumble to the floor.

Both naked young mothers, barely 8 weeks out of childbirth hit the floor rolling over each other. Swollen milk laden breasts pressed against each other dripping milk and body sweat as they rolled around. Getting tired both girls where slowly rolling on top of each other trying to pin the other. Not in an extremely violent manner, but still using all their waning strength.

They heard their husbands playfully shouting suggestions as to different positions to try to pin the other women in. Afshan gained the top position with her matted black hair falling into wet brown hair below her. Afshan managed to get her thigh over Sobia’s hips and mount her sitting on her thighs. Afshan looked down and smiled at Sobia as she took Sobia’s arms and battled them over her head and slowly scooted her ass cheeks until their womanly mounds where almost touching. Afshan was out of breath and breathing hard. She looked at Sobia and said “I’m tired, this is harder then I remember.” Sobia giggled and agreed. “Ya give?” Sobia said “Never!” and began to buck at Afshan. Afshan cooed and said “that felt good. Bounce me around again.” Sobia smiled and said “your tits are fun to watch giggle from down here.” Afshan coly smiled and said “it feels good to have your ‘baby maker’ rub against mine.” Sobia bucked several more times causing Afshan to let out a little squile of pleasure.

Both stayed in position of hip to hip, stomachs barely touching as they caught their breaths. Afshan lowered her body down and laid on Sobia. She turned to Sobia’s husband and said “your wife is comfy to lay on. Nice pillows.” Sobia giggled as their breasts where pressed together. A few moments later Afshan raised herself a few inches so that her breasts where just brushing Sobia’s tits that where slightly laying to each side of her chest. She whispered in her ear “I think our husbands are going to stop treating us like baby making mommy’s now.” Sobia whispered back “I hope so, I love being a mom, but I want to be treated like a women, too.”

Afshan pressed the rest of her body down against Sobia’s and planted a kiss on Sobia’s lips. Both women melting into each other as they caressed their hands up and down each others backs and ass’s. Laying side by side they continued to make out until they found their husbands standing beside them. Both guys looked at each other as if to say “I don’t want to stop this, but I need my wife back.” The young moms stopped, looked up at their husbands and waited until their men helped them up. Needless to say, both women received just rewards from their husbands that night.

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